It seems that it was yesterday and it is hard to believe that our journey began a February of 10 years ago. And it seems that these 10 years have flown by, as happens when you return from a well-deserved trip ... And in the end the history of our center resembles a trip: there is a planning, you choose the partners, the means to to arrive, you meet people, you make friends with those who accompany you ... And as with every trip sometimes not everything is good; there may be some delay, a flat tire, some traveler leaves ... it is assumed, but the dominant perception is not altered: it has been (and hopefully remains) a very constructive journey. Because that's what we have done: BUILD. We have managed to structure a TEAM that is difficult to overcome, who likes what it does, that even after days of obvious overload still believes and values ​​the satisfaction of the duty fulfilled, which cares about the needs of PATIENTS AND COMPANIONS. Big people.

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In a society that used to resort to traditional consultations, a group of public health ophthalmologists managed to penetrate and gain a growing place. Around 25.000 clinical records and about 5.000 surgeries are currently our best cover letter.

In the beginning our staff had only five people between specialists and other staff, currently in our center constantly practice about ten specialists, another ten specialists use the resources of the center on an occasional basis and we also have around ten other members between administration, optometry, nursing, auxiliaries ... the number 10 as you see is a constant in our activity.

As we all know from the beginning, we have been carrying out our work in the facilities of the Santa Cruz Castro street, which until a few years ago covered our needs, but the growth of our activity already demands greater infrastructure.

That is why we have decided to start a new adventure, in a wider center, with easier access and visualization, and in the main urban artery of our capital, on the stretch of Las Ramblas called Avda. Reyes Católicos. We will have more surgeries and last generation surgical facilities, hoping to improve the care of our patients, which has always been our main objective: to be an 10 center.

As for our name and new image, we have decided to complement the current one: Ophthalmosurgical Center with a term that renews our identity sign and that is easy to remember, and what better than the name that the Romans in their writings assigned to our island by its snowy peaks: NIVARIA.

We believe that we should always aim to improve in our business, and that is why we face this challenge with renewed enthusiasm. We hope to share it with you. See you…

Dr. Javier Rodríguez Martín | Medical Director.- NIVARIA CLINIC.
Specialist in Ophthalmology.- University Hospital of the Canary Islands.
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