The clinic

This center is made up of specialized professionals trained in public medicine in our country, considered one of the best in the developed world, and that we currently reconcile with our private activity, in order to always apply the latest therapeutic protocols and complement those techniques not available in public medicine, such as refractive, oculoplastic surgery, contactology ...

After more than 10 years of activity the balance is very positive. In addition to being the first center in Santa Cruz to have performed a corneal transplant, we are proud to be able to offer an alternative of the highest quality without waiting lists and with the best technology.


In this section you will find more information about the team of professionals that is part of the center.

Dr. Javier Rodríguez
Dr. Javier RodríguezMedical Director of the Center. Specialist in Cornea and Refractive Surgery.
Dr. Manuel Sánchez-Gijón
Dr. Manuel Sánchez-GijónSpecialist in Refractive Surgery and Cataracts
Dr. Pedro Rocha Cabrera
Dr. Pedro Rocha CabreraGeneral and Preventive Ophthalmology. Specialist in eye inflammations.
Dr. Barbara Acosta
Dr. Barbara AcostaSpecialist in Pediatric and Strategic Ophthalmology
Dr. Juan E. Vélez Ospina
Dr. Juan E. Vélez OspinaGeneral and Preventive Ophthalmology
Dr. Candelaria Pinto
Dr. Candelaria PintoGeneral and Preventive Ophthalmology
Cristina Peña Betancor
Cristina Peña BetancorOptics - Optometrist
Dr. Luis Naharro
Dr. Luis NaharroAnesthesiology Specialist


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